Metal recycling contributes to environment
non-ferrous metals
reduce industry dependence by limited natural resources
savings are about 95% of the energy, and the significant amount of natural resources - bauxite.
is a permanent material
Once produced, metal forever remain metal and can be recycled infinitely without losing quality.

Beomet d.o.o.

The main activity of Beomet d.o.o. is trading, collecting, sorting and storage of metal origin recyclables; especially non-ferrous metals waste - aluminum, copper and copper alloys.

Business processes are committed to the principles of ensuring health, work safety and environmental protection.

We purchase waste metals

Secondary raw materials are purchased from local suppliers. These are: 

  • Manufacturing sector companies
  • Service sector companies
  • Public and private utility companies
  • Specialized construction companies for building demolition
  • Traders of waste metals
  • Individuals